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Upgrading your property from time to time is a good way to earn a return on your investment. But doing so requires spending your limited free time doing projects you likely don't enjoy. Trent's Construction, Maintenance & Cleaning can replace your carpentry features, doors, windows and deck to boost your property value.

Our owner has been in the business since 2006 and picked up numerous skills working with several construction companies. Put your project in the hands of capable contractors by contacting us today.

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Hastily installed doors and trim can stand out like a sore thumb, but expertly constructed features can stand the test of time. You can feel confident hiring us because we guarantee our work five years after the manufacturer's warranty expires.

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Look no further for a competent construction company - we take pride in meeting our clients' needs. Working with us means you can take advantage of our...

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we can come up with a manageable payment plan if you can't afford to pay us in full upfront.

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we've built homes from the ground up, so you can trust us with your home improvement projects.

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